How Can There Be Different Vacation Time For Different Opponents??


One of my opponents is a vacation abuser -- he's taken "vacation" at least 15 times during my 2 games with him.  However, now his vacation time is different for his other opponents -- for me only it says "______ has 3 days and 6 hours of vacation left" but for his other opponents, it says "______ has 3 days and 3 hours of vacation left" and the "3 days and 3 hours" continues to diminish.  But for my games, he still has 3 days and 6 hours!  How can his remaining vacation time change for everyone else, yet stay the same for me?


I always thought you got a certain amount of vacation time a year/month ect. And the more you use, the less you have until you recieve more, I might be wrong. But that's what I thought.