I have a suggestion for tournaments...


I think that when there are only games left in the tournament that cannot affect the outcome, the tourny should progress to the next round. Here is an example:

                        1    2   3  4  5   score

  1. Persona     X  11 10 11 01    6
  2. Personb    00  X  11 11 00    3
  3. Personc    01  00  X  00 0-    1
  4. Persond    00  00 11  X  0 ½  2.5
  5. Persone    10  11 1-  1 ½ X     5.5
In the above tourny, 2 people will advance. The only game left in this group is personc vs persone. However, no matter how this game goes, this will not affect the outcome. Persone will advance no matter what, and personc will not advance, no matter what. However, the group (and possibly the whole tournament) is being kept waiting for this game. So if tournaments automaticly advance to the next round when the results are fixed, the tournament will move along much faster. That doesn't mean that such games will be stopped; they will simply not count towards the tourny as it will have already advanced.

There are a few extra factors to consider:

  • if any of the players leading the group gets banned whilst the tournament is in progress, then players further down the list should go through instead.
  • even if one group can be resolved, the tournament cannot progress until the result in ALL groups is resolved.


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