i looked at the new format


it's hard to tell when your next game is ready...i like the old format


If you press home it tells you ur games like in old format


I just hope there is a good amount of fixes applied before it is forced upon us all.  EG using cursor keys in editing boxes is dodgey, as is changing themes for groups... and a few other things I reported seem to have gone unfixed.

I prefer the look of the new format, but the old format works better.


thanks gordon and borg apparently has some good ideas too.


I hope it isn't forced on us, don't like it


There's always going to be a percentage that just say they don't like it.  Such people will always be ignored.


I think you are correct about being ignored


I don't really like it either, unfortunately. Too hard to find things and I like the simple, old layout better for my game list...


I liked the old look better too--especially the current games list.   It has become more confusing to play.  


No game alerts?

I have.

And what is so confusing?

Not arguing, I am just curious.  Everyone is entitled to not like it! :-)


It took some getting used to for me because there is so much there but I think it is very promising. There will always be some resistance to change but if Chess.com is willing to expeditiously tweak it when problems are found, then I look forward to its installation.

Good work Chess.com staff.


▲ Agreed.  It took time, but once I got used to it I like it a lot more... Chess.com just need to finish working on it to get it all working properly.


Where do you find "my games against?"


The format is okay and will probably be better once I become accustomed to it.  However, It would be nice if I could turn off the sound effects when making moves.  Perhaps this could be an option on the Account page?  I would prefer this to having to turn my computer speaker off and on.  FWIW.


Well, where do you find "my games against?"

Where do you find "challenges?"




That is what I mean by 'buggy' -- the my games against thing just doesn't show.  It should be in the little dropdown panel for the game type.

There's lots of stuff missing and things that don't quite work right... but I still like the look of it.  Once they fix it up, I'll go all in :-)

Is there a link somewhere to the new format? I wanna see it too :)

Rather than fix something that isn't broken it would be nice if they spent time providing the live tourney page and leaderboard that was promised last november and still isn't here


I like the new format overall - however I noticed for CC games that it puts the time remaining on the game on top of the name of the tournament, seems like it should be placed on the next line down.   I do like the 'thumbnails' of ongoing CC games though.


Link to start the beta test:


You can turn it off with 


or by using the link in the footer.