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Ipod App Videos

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    Hello everyone,

    My suggestion is for the ipod/ipad app. It currently has a videos feature, but you cannot search for vidoes and they only display recent ones.


    Would it be possible to enable access to the whole video library on the ipad app?



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    I'd like to second this. I recently bought a membership specifically for access to the video library, which I have been enjoying immensely. My iPad happens to be the most convenient way for me to watch videos and I'd really like to be able to access the whole library. A search feature would be nice as well, but at least if all the videos are there I can find what I'm looking for. Hopefully, expanding the database query isn't too daunting of a technical challenge, but I imagine there is some reason this hasn't been implemented sooner. Thanks.
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    Not sure how the suggestions thread works in the forums, but will we get an answer as to whether or not our suggestion will be (or won't be) implemented?



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    I third this motion!  The videos are great, but poorly organized for selection/searching on an iPad.  I often find a video on the PC/browser interface that I'd like to watch on the iPad but it either isn't available or I can't find it if it's there somewhere.  So, please make all videos available on the iPad and work on improving the organization/search capabilities so we can find something we're looking for. 

    Finally, are all live events added to the video library?  I've often started watching a live event and then life intervenes and I don't get to see the last half of the event.  I'd love to be able to come back later and pick up where I left off.  But, at least on the iPad, when I try to continue, I get a notice that the live event is over and is no longer accessible. 




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