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Is there a spreadsheet of suggested enhancements that members could vote on?

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    Every now and then I get inspired to wade through the forums to make a suggestion. Then I try to be extra good and scan topics to make sure I'm not being redundant... Then I give up.

    Is there a way to have one list of proposed enhancements which we can make comments on, and vote for/against for priority?


    BTW, the "proposed enhancement" I was thinking of is a "watch/read later" button for content if you are interested in content but don't have time at the moment. With so much content its like a river rushing by and if you don't have time to read it (or watch it) right there... it's lost forever. 

    Similar to the need for study guide, but instread of chess.com curated, it would be a personal list 

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    At the bottom of each thread, there is a "Track this forum topic" check box.  Click that whenever you want to track a thread.  I'm fairly new, but I've already been using it.  It just takes a moment to open a thread, scroll to the bottom and click the check box--then you can go on about your business.

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    Whenever you make a comment in a tread, you are automatically be tracked for that particular threads. 

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    I understand the "track" feature for forum topics. That's not quite where I was headed.

    I was wondering if there is a "watch later" check box for example on a video page. Like a Wish List. Then when you have time, you go to the Wish List to watch a video or read that article you didn't have time for earlier.

    But what I am *really* interested in is a consolidated spreadsheet of all suggestions, so that the members can add comments and indicate which are more important...

    Thanks in advance


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