Live Chess Chat & Board Tabs


I'm using Windows 7 64 bit, latest Mozilla Firefox with latest Java.

1) When I jump to a board tab, the chat dissappears, and I have to click "show chat" every time, (for the same board that I had showed chat before).

2) I think enabling keyboard arrow keys to browse through the game is a must, especially for broadcasted games in Analysis section. Actually, this needs to be implemented in the general game viewer of chess com too. This is the single reason I browse through games on other sites than chess com.

3) It would be nice if the size of the chat window could be adjustable.

4) Here's what I think is a bug:

This applies for all games. I've just chosen a random one:


1) click Analyze.

2) click Game Editor

3) click on a move on the game notation window. (like, 1.e4, or 5.Qxd4)

4) now hit the right & left arrow keys on your keyboard. I see ghost pieces moving on an invisible board. (Wow I should remember that sentence!)


While I'm at it:

I think these colours are too aggressive & distracting, especially while I'm trying to analyze a game on the window just next to it.