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Live Tournaments Suggestions

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    I wonder if Chess.com can filter the Live Chess Tournaments and add some slow game time controls like 90/30, 60/30,45/45 etc. which Dan Heisman Recommends. The Live Tournaments can be filter by the addition of tab options of Slow Time Controls(90/30, 60/30, 45/45), Normal Time Controls(15/0, 15/5, 20/5), Blitz Time Controls(5/5, 5/0, 10/0, 3/0), and Bullet Time controls(1/0, 2/0). Premium Members can create Live Tournaments with prefered Time Controls, or customized. Live Tournaments can be Named by Official Live Tournaments(like the online Tournaments), or by Premium Members for unofficial.

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    cshuenss wrote: Frown

    what? it doesn't help either :)

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    nice idea, but have you seen how 15|10s are struggling for members at the moment? maybe i play at the wrong time, but I haven't played a 15|10 tourney with more than 8 players left by the end in ages. 

    It could also be that it takes too long for people in my rating group (Below 1200), but the idea seems nice, but it'll be hard finding enough people to stay on for that long. remember a 90|30 game could take up to 4 hours (Technically more, but in a 60 move game where everyone uses their time, it will take 4 hours. doesn't happen every game, but quite often at least one game in a tourney will) 4 hours is a massive investment, and having more than one round would be hard to do

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    I am a premium member but I can't creat Live Tournaments. Anyone know if that is actually possible? @JustinChessHobbyist suggests that it is possiblebut I can't find where to creat it.


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