Members who leave groups


It would be nice if admin for groups were alerted when someone has decided to leave the group. As it is now I have no idea who left when I see the membership total decrease. I'd like to write them a message and ask if there was a problem or some other reason why they left.


I am the one who left ,I am sorry you did not know . I am having a lot of problems managing my little group and I just did not know what to do . So I left yours because I can't handle two at a time .I get really mixed up on what I am doing .I am sorry


That might be a good suggestion to Perhaps the super-admin could be notified. He/she could then follow-up if they wished.


I am the super admin of grandmas and grandpas and since I am fairly new at this I get confused a lot


Heck Retta, you could still be a geezer member without doing anything at the geezers. Giving you all the time you need for your group.  If you ever want to return we would be glad to have you.  But just as there are new member coming in there is a smaller number leaving. Not just you Retta cause we have a member or two that leave every month or two. I always try to contact them and see if there was a problem or perhaps something we could improve but most all say, "I'm just to busy so I'm cutting back on my groups". I'm sure some don't like all the forum alerts since we have a busy forum.

Although one member, who left, told me he left because he didn't like the idea of having Geezer on his home page when he was messaging all these pretty young female players on  Takes all kinds to make the world go around


I guess it does . I would be happy to rejoin the group , but I need help with mine because I don't know how to be a super admin and get games for my group with matching ratings .We are low rated group with only a few with high ratings .


As far as alerts go, there are options, by group, to control what you get an alert for. When you select your group, the option is in a box about 1/2 down on the right.

rettadrennen wrote:

I get really mixed up on what I am doing .

Retta, I thought I was the only one. We should start our own group -- call it "Mixed-up People".


Most of the people in G +G are just as mixed-up and confused as I am .And you are welcome to join our  group if you would like .We only have 31 members so far ..And MIXED_UP_PEOPLE sounds like a winner to me


There was some discussion on this last year ... alert-in-groups.


Im not sure that im old enough to start getting confused and forgetting things,but i sometimes feel that it will not be long and my short term memory,has always been rubish anyway.


I think I am a Girlie and I read them !!!!


Please take two way conversations (or nearly so) to PM's.


pre-migrain-spasms - what you get when you read this thread.


Personal Messages



I'm not leaving. So you would have to kick me out to get rid of me.


That is good to hear Denver


Yeh but yours doesn't move. blobby you are so old school


I appreciate your question, Scut.  I wish would do something about that.  I don't think you should necessarily take it personally.....

speaking for myself, I am more likely to join a group if asked.  One time, I was in 30 groups.  It gets overwhelming to where I go through them and keep only my favorites. 

I am fairly certain that the great majority of members don't know how they can adjust their alerts to EACH group individually.  That's a shame.