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members who may have passed on

  • #61

    I saw here a reminder to be "relevant, helpful and nice". Does that message belong in the Geezers group?

  • #62

    no, because we don't care anymore what anyone thinks.  we who are old just want to smack everyone over the head with our canes and be snarky as we pour ourselves another drink.

    deal with it !

  • #63

    Ah, canes!---Good thought, Mary---you helped me see another advantage of Geezerhood:  Automatically Granted Permission to Carry an Unconcealed Weapon!

  • #64

    ..i yet live...

  • #65


    Very glad to hear it!!  Do you think that it is the demon drink which is keeping you on your toes...and very much kickin' ???...lol...Have you ever thought about getting free booze from the drinks' companies who might see your longevity as a solid plug for their products ???

  • #66

    ...the gnarled one captured me in my youth...he was unseen...i see him now...but the great difficulty is that when i have pressed the great curtain i have seen nothing beyond...behind me is the gnarled one...maybe...truth lies in looking past what i thought was was and into the chaos that i willingly walk toward...


    ..i do not know...i think i will never know...


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