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    I like participating in groups and team matches through these groups, but I find it really difficult to review the results of those matches.

    I'm usually a pretty fast player and I finish my games pretty quick, but once I've completed my games, the outcome of that match often goes unnoticed as I don't get a notification of "Your team won the match against team X! Click here to view the final match results".

    It seems silly to not be able to easily find the results of team matches that I myself played in, especially when it can potentially take weeks and months for each match to play out.

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    Agreed! Also, finding matches I have joined but have not started and even matches in progress by team.

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    Could be as simple as an email notification alerting players that the match has ended with a summary of results would suffice.

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    I have this problem too

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    I'd just like to add that due to missing the end result of so many team based games due to this problem, I have consequently lost all interest in participating in these groups / team matches.

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    @Nebri Yes, even in groups where active admins post results I don't remember which matches I played.

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