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New sound system

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    Thank you for the new sounds!!!!  I hated them before this recent change.  Job well done, Chess.com!!!

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    They sound nearly exactly the same, only the game start and end is much lower than the rest which is annoying, and the castle is exactly like any move.

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    Well, at least it's some better. I would have left it alone before the last change, but considering what it was it's not so bad now.

  • #164

    What exactly is different?

  • #165

    The current sounds are comfortable and not too "alarmy". Just right.

  • #166

    Outside of the fart sound removal, they're the exact same.

    Whenever you capture a piece, it's like a hammer being slammed against a board real hard. It's about as harsh as you have possibly have made it.

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    DeepGreene wrote:
    chessplayer11 wrote:

    The options should have a dropdown list for each sound with includedif you don't want a sound played at all for a particular move/action.

    And of course a play button next to each so you don't have to play a game to even hear it.

    We have a ticket for user-selectable sound schemes - but as yet, no ETA.

    We'd also need more themes...

    - Waterfowl of the Pacific Northwest?

    - Name That Aircraft?

    - Super Mario Chess?

    - Cat In The Chandelier?

    Wow, I didn't realize that your "ticket" was sarcasm. I suppose FU would have been too obvious. It would be difficult to believe that you couldn't code something in 7 months as this site hardly changes daily.

    There was never a reason why there had to be a change in the first place. The mobile version didn't change.

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    pieces (specialy pwan ) move old sound r gud . new sound not bad 

  • #169

    i think (plz) if staff can    then there b option to select old and new if posible 

  • #170

    Obviously people will have differing opinions, but the idea that they were going to change it was 7 months ago.

    They still call Posts, points, because a very long time ago they had the idea of people getting rewards for spamming. They dropped the idea of giving prises away because it would encourage spamming. But they still call it points.

    It seems, they are either reluctant, unable, or incapable of minor quality changes. They can change the site upside down overnight if it suits their needs, but if not, then it's too hard to do....


    Making suggestions on this site is just a waste of time. If they can't see an increase in profit, they won't bother. Hell, they probably got rid of the old scheme because someone gave them $10 for it.


    And don't play me a violin about how they need money. I've seen the owners house on google street view. He's hardly strapped for cash.


    Unfortunately the site has become too big, and like all companies that become too big, the indiviudal's voice for improvement has no meaning anymore.

    Unless the problem is a bug that actually affects people, the only thing they do with these "tickets" is probably the same thing they do with toilet paper.


    If you think my complaint is a bit harsh... it's been 7 frickin months. The XProject designed to build a spacecraft that went to the international space station took less time. (probably not true, but still)


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