New Sounds?


I've been playing on for quite a while and I've really enjoyed the experience (enough to buy membership as you can see). Unfortunately, a couple days ago when I logged in and entered live chess, I noticed that the sounds were different. Instead of the usual noises of pieces moving, there were horribly obnoxious sounds. For instance, when you put somebody in check, it makes loud sound (which sounds identical to the sound facebook makes when somebody messages you). Also, when somebody castles, it plays a stupid melody. These sounds are so bad that they actually make me want to stop playing. I couldn't find anything in settings to turn them off. The oddest thing about this though is that none of my friends seem to be experiencing these new sounds. I seem to be the only one... Did I accidently get a new sound pack? Please help me, this is really ruining the experience for me.


TheRussianPatzer -- how are you playing on the site, directly through with a computer and browser? Through Facebook? On a mobile device, through the app? Will you let me know the details please, and we will see if we can duplicate this.


I am playing on a browser. I am on chrome, and I don't know if it's relevant but I'm running Windows 7.


I want a set of "2012 doomsday" sounds.

check = a woman screams 'the end is nigh'

checkmate = alien invasion noise

resign = Mayan elder chant


funny... I've been playing on this site for over a year, but never once did I play a game with sound on. The sounds that you've described seem pretty interesting. I'll try to play my next game with sound.


The same occurs to me.

The sounds changed for an horrible ones :-(

What to do to return to previous?