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Protection for groups

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    Recently, one of the Super Admins of a World League team appointed a couple of new admins to help.  They changed the name of the group, created a new group with the original name, and deleted many members from the original group.  Would it be possible to create some kind of protection for long established groups with many ongoing matches to prevent this kind of mischief?  Perhaps, new admins could be barred from deleting more than one or two players.  Changes in the name of a group could require the permission of a majority of the admins.  Or support staff could be given some kind of override to undo changes if there are complaints.

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    How about better vetting of new admins?

    Just a thought...

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    Unfortunate state of affairs but you have to admire the cheek of those rascals. Laughing

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    I'm wondering what is going to happen to all the ongoing games in their team matches.  Do games in a team match still count even if one player has been deleted from his/her original team?  Are the games defaulted?  If the players realize, and rejoin in time, will they be able to continue the games?  I suspect that there are hundreds of games hanging in the balance here, and the damage could have been even worse if the vandals had gone after a larger group.

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    sorry, it's up to the super admins of the group to be diligent in selecting their admins. it's definitely their responsibility, and an impossibility for staff to police this kind of quarrel. i imagine the super admin can re-add the players in question to the group, and that their games will continue, and count towards the team match.

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    I believe he has sent out invites to most of the players who were deleted and have ongoing games in team matches to rejoin the group, but it is taking some time for them to sign back up.  Instead of having staff police it, could we get Jay to set some kind of limit on the number of players who can be deleted from a group at one time?

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    As long as you don't have to do anything, right?

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    I've been trying to help him as much as I can.  I think he has all the other admins in his group working on rebuilding it.  I just have the feeling that perhaps this all could have been avoided if there had been some kind of safeguard in place.

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    I agree, it could have been avoided. The super admin could have been more careful.

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    He seems to me like a nice guy with a good head on his shoulders.  It sounds like the vandals just went ballistic out of the blue.  Who would have guessed anyone would ruin the games of so many people?

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    Try to tell him, gently, that he IS the safeguard.

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    Well, I guess he in particular will be more careful about who he promotes to admin in the future, but as it stands, there isn't anything to stop the vandals from infiltrating a much larger group, and destroying it next.

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    Besides a more careful super admin

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    If the would-be vandals pretend to be nice guys initially, I'm not even sure there is much Super Admins can do.

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    I agree, you should perhaps only assign power to those who you trust.

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    Sorry riga but I agree with the others in this.

    As super admin in loads of groups I have to constantly be careful who I appoint to be admin in any of my teams/groups.

    ONLY by trusting someone you know and have known for a long time can you safely say "Yes I trust this person with my team".

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    Yes i'm pretty certain it WILL happen again because inexperienced admins will promote people into positions of power leaving themselves wide open to abuse the system
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    I think it's pretty funny tbh.

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    blackfirestorm666 wrote:
    Yes i'm pretty certain it WILL happen again because inexperienced admins will promote people into positions of power leaving themselves wide open to abuse the system

    And then those admins will appoint even worse admins, who will appoint even more worse admins...

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    I think at least teams who represent some country,should have some kind of protection..Last year,my team Bosnia.Herzegovina,was destroyed after almost a year of hard work,by crazyness of a guy who was super-admin at that time.He just decided to delete players.. We had to start all over again and since then its verry hard to become admin in our team,unless you are extremely active for a long time..

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