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Recent Update: 04/25/12

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    Recent Update: 04/25/12

    From what I have seen of chess.com's newest changes, the site has declined for the worse. First, the chess.com home page is really an eyesore. It is tiring to scroll down the page, and the avatar's shown are extremely distorted:

    Surely Rensch and Landaw don't look like that naturally!

    On another note, the member's profile pages are also not looking so great after the new changes. The double-column leaves the page lacking for members who have not chosen to write an "About Me" section. There is too much white space, and the old design filled at least some more of it.

    Sorry to seem so critical, but I loved the total redesign, and these changes are taking away from the awesomeness of it.

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    Thanks for the feedback. You're right: The Home page changes didn't come out quite as planned. We'll be addressing that ASAP.

    Not sure I follow your comments about the Profile... The old "About Me" tab was just a blob of text. If you care about your "About Me" tab looking sparse, you should write something "about you." :D

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    @DeepGreene: Well, I was saying that the new About Me tab is that the information is now in two columns, but it actually looks pretty good with text under it. However, I haven't found much to write about; I guess I'm just not that interesting Tongue out


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