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Remove/Fix the Reset On Delete

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    BorgQueen it sounds like you have a pressing issue for which you could sumbit a ticket.  I think the point of this forum is to gauge how many people are interested in a given idea.

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    I don't mean their "feedback" section. I'm talking about their helpdesk. The issue is logged immediately and I've always had a reply within hours and they fixed my/their problems. The most major one, I guess, was that I couldn't get things working on google Chrome. The problem was theirs and they had it fixed within a couple of days and kept me informed through emails.

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    Yes, getting the site working as it should on Chrome will get positive responses, but getting this thing fixed... yeah.  Not holding my breath.  Many have reported it... still not fixed.  Along with a heap of other things.

    I guess I am now just disgruntled... I believe that any GOOD site will have staff that actually bother to attend to the "Site Feedback and Suggestions" forum topics.  

    Reporting it as a support ticket isn't logical to me -- it's not a support issue, it's a stupid design behaviour although it is working as it was coded, so not really a support issue.

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    ghostofmaroczy said what I was trying to say.

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    I'll try this before I do the next culling... thanks :-)


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