Stalemate indicators


I was curious why the "Analysis" tool does not indicate when a stalemate would occur. It shows checks ("+" by the move) and it shows mates ("#" by the move), but if a stalemate occurs during the analysis, it does not indicate it.

I am not advocating that it should or should not, and I understand completely that in order to be a better player, one should not rely on the Analysis tool telling you anything of the sort -- a player should know when he's delivered a mate, hash sign notwithstanding! (Further, the analysis tool itself is a bit of a crutch, and not something you have the luxury of in any game except correspondence). Still, it indicates checks and mates already, and the game programming already knows when a stalemate occurs because the game will automatically end in a draw should one occur. What is the logic behind not indicating that to the player using the analysis tool?


PS -- Of course I'm talking about stalemates where no move is possible that does not put the King in check, not stalemates from repeated moves w/ no pawn movement, etc.


I don't think there is a symbol for stalemate, maybe there should be...