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    Would be nice if when users report a bug or a player suspected of cheating they get a response from the site that notifys them that the suggestion has been considered and which action, if any, is going to be taken. I feel that many users are left completely in the dark on whether or not their voices have been heard and its a real shame since it would make the experience of using the site so much better. Thanks happy.png

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    how exactly do they know if someone is cheating or not ?? do they scan games randomly and compare players moves with stockfish and other chess engines ?????

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    Comparing to computer moves will be part of it, however there are a great number of statistical tests and analysis methods that one can use to gain a good idea. Ultimately I imagine it will come down to the opinion of a master level player as they have a very good idea of what moves are natural (human) and far too accurate (computer). Also background checks of the players profile and opponents can be very telling.

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    cool but what about those players who use the engine on a very sensitive positions to make only one move.. will they be able to detect them too


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