Suggestion for iPhone/IPad improvement


I love using from my iPhone and now my new iPad. Smile

I know you guys are hard at work on a maintenance release after the recent rework, and I appreciate that!

One thing I'd really like to see in the not-too distant future is changes to the video lessons section. I love being able to watch these on the go, and love that you've made them available from the app. To be more useful to me, it'd be good if there was search functionality available. On the iPhone especially, I can't even see most of the video title as I browse through quickly, so it takes a long time to find a specific topic, with having to click into each video to see what it's about.

Another feature that I saw you guys are working on already, but I also wanted to mention as high on my priority list, too, is allowing landscape orientation on the iPad. On the iPhone it isn't as important since the main OS screen forces portrait. On the iPad, though, I often have it sitting on the table or in my lap all comfortably landscape, and then have to figure out how to readjust to use


I use an iPad to get a fair amount of my fix and am having a lot of problems with its basic features and functionality.  With the new version of the app I have to continually delete and reinstall it to get it to work at all, and I have a lot of problems with it loading up.  I was wondering if you are experiencing any of these problems.

I have had enough problems with the new version of the app that I'm playing on from safari until the maintenance release comes out, which I hear should be only days away now.

that's good to hear on several counts, including the fact that the site is aware of problems and is committed to trying to fix them.  I too play on Safari rather than the app. 



A great enhancment for the iPhone app would be the ability to review/analyze the game after playing. Right now it just terminates and if I was checkmated, I may not even be able to tell what the winning move was. I must later get to a computer to play back the game. The ability to analyze the previously played game would be AWESOME!


Notifications: banners in iOS 5 ("Your move with ____") ("____ sent you a message").

The online games don't update automatically if you left a game up the last time you were in the app, so you need to manually refresh the screen every time you go in to make a move. Also, push notification are not very ... pushy. More often than not, there is no badge on the app, but it is my move in a game. 

Thanks for the otherwise great app!


on the ipad/iphone app, i have trouble streaming videos. Often, after 10-20 seconds, i lose the video but keep the sound, and am unable to resume the video without refreshing the feed. 

I experience this issue on both iphone and ipad, and have so since my subscription began. Innitially i believed it was a ME problem, but other apps stream fine, eg. youtube. 

does anyone else experience this?


@Bort123 I also sometimes experience this issue on my iPhone when watching the videos


Ability to analyse in iPAD would be wonderful. They have not released an update recently, hope they do. 


The app still has lots of problems that I find inexplicable. Like, why no "back" button, and why is maneuvering from the main screen so difficult?? If I want to see which tournament a game I just won or lost is in, I have to hit " tournaments" at the top of the screen, and the hit " home" to get a tiny drop down menus from which I select online chess which takes to a screen which looks like the Internet ( non-app) version. There I open up the game I'm curious about where the name of the tourney is identified. Then I go to that site. Except for the one screen with the large board, the app is terrible.