Suggestion: Show Players' Vacation Time Statistics

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    That's a great idea! (Especially the new term of "serial vacationer." Laughing)

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    ComputoJon wrote:

    Here is a suggestion that would be easy for to implement.  On a player's "show all stats" page, how about showing how much vacation time a player has left?  If feasible, it'd also be nice to show how much vacation time a player has used in the prior year, and also how many times a player has gone on "vacation".


    I have one opponent who has gone on "vacation" 15 times -- and we're only up to move 30.  Fortunately he has only 4 vacation days left.  But it'd be nice to know ahead-of-time how much vacation time he has, and also the fact that I'd be playing a "serial vacationer".


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    Click on Help & Support at the bottom of the page and contact the staff directly with your suggestion. I doubt if they monitor this forum regularly but they do consider implementing  suggestions that have been repeatedly requested - via a "ticket" when you contact them directly.

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