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Vacations ?!?

  • #21

    A vacation should not be allowed and take extra months in time.  But a should be "I have no time." for the cometitor. If the oppenent still playing is up in points should win.  Otherwise if it should be the one who want to take give up his time offer a draw.

  • #22

    These games are just long-time games anyway, what is an extra week or two? I understand if someone abuses it, but no need to remove it. It could be very handy at some times..

  • #23

    I guess vacation time is added according to the amount of play each player has

  • #24

    That may be debated=vacations are meant to pause=such as medical isues were play musFrownt be treated=all dont agree

  • #25

    my computer is down and I need to take a vacation and don't know how it's done.  Is this abuse?

  • #26

    No, that's not vacation abuse. Because you're a premium member, auto vacation will kick in when you're close to timing out of your games.

  • #27

    The only way to not have to put up with vacation abuse is to not play time-out protection members. If they have an upgrade membership simply abort the game. Basic membership users have limited vacation time and will eventually be forced to play.

  • #28

    That isn't the only way. Joining no-vacation tourneys is also an option wink.png

  • #29

    OP: This happens to me all the time. Just use your opponent's vacation to your advantage and check for errors/better moves. 

  • #30

    Premium members will also run out of vacation time eventually too. Just not as quickly.


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