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We need more official multiday tournaments

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    Hi this is an announcement to staff members.

    There are very few official multiday tournements.

    Yes there are lots of fun and schematic tourns but it would be nice to have more official ones as there only seems to be 1 a month and I was not eligable to enter this month due to my average time being over 3 hours.

    I am sure there is plenty of demand for these tournements.

    Maybe do a survey first to be sure?

    Thanks very much

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    What do you see as the advantage of official tournaments compared with the ones you (or other members) could create?

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    Official ones can have >100 people.

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    Unofficial ones struggle to get 10 people sometimes!

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    It's difficult to filter tournaments by several critera (e.g. non-thematic, vacation allowed). tournament selector wizard is overdue (as I've mentioned before).

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    Yes, can you still earn points and trophies in non official tournaments???

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    Sure can, they just don't have the chess.com pawn logo on them.


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