16 team ko tourney for intermediate teams


Hi all,

I've been so impressed by the overwhelming interest in my 2 previous team tourneys that I have decided to create a tourney for intermediate teams.I'm using the parameters of teams having around 500 to around 1000 members to constitute my interpretation of "intermediate",these numbers are not set in stone,but teams who are miles over the 1000 members will not be eligible to participate in this tourney and will be invited to play in my future team tourneys.Teams who have less than 500 members CAN participate as long as you feel that you can challenge the larger groups in the tourney.If your team roughly fits into the criterion for this tourney then I'll be delighted to welcome you and here is the link to the site for registration of teams,rules,etc.


Looking forward to your participation,

Thank you and good luck with your chess,

wallyjackCool (Mike)


Im in just start her up.


I'll send you an invite,mateSmile