24 hour tournaments

When does the 24 tournament start? Friday night or Saturday at midnight? I am in Hawaii time.

These 24 hour arena tournaments start at midnight Saturday morning, US Pacific time. I think that would be 10 pm Friday night in Hawaii.


Thank you you're awesome!


We're th 24hour


Did they stop the 24 hr tournaments? It usually starts at 10 pm Hawaii Time but nothing showing yet. Sheesh I hope not... Only thing I look forward too all week... Got 2nd place one time and haven't even come close since...smh...


Yeah what gives? How come no more 24 hour Tourney? What a jip...


24 hrs tournaments are fun. Since I'm new here, was eagerly waiting to participate in one, but I think couple past weeks they were not held.  Sad, it trains players stamina, a player can learn about himself when does he need to take a break, what kind of break and etc... happy.png