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    RW63 wrote:

    It's obvious they don't care.


    Arenas are crap. Period.


    Another thing that is really laughable is claiming to have 20 million users. Why do all websites have this sick need to count all bots and inactives to pump up their image? Don't they understand that is actually detrimental to any sane business model? Being realistic should always be No. 1. This website likely has 3 million active users and that's a huge number, so just go with that and stop advertising 20 million.

    they do not advertise 20 million ACTIVE users. they say 20 million users. p. s. there lots of people who quit chess or are just interested in chess then say no or I am to busy.
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    Very few do.


    There's a Bullet Arena tournament starting right now and there are a total of five players in it. Abominable.


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