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before a tough game...

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    Before a tough tournament game , what do you usually eat ? It is said that Fischer liked to drink orange juice , others a barr of chocolate , oatmeal ,etc. Post your suggestions !

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    Ive never played in tournaments but i would probably have some Starbucks Java Chip Frappuchinos next to me to cool me down

    SO GOOD 

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    I would just like to have a coke (coca~cola) and water.

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    When I'm playing tournament chess I try to eat as little & as clean as possible, I want all the energy to be up in my brain, not in my belly digesting a heavy meal.

    At the National Open in Las Vegas when I went 5-1 I ate a alot of goji berries & salads for pretty much every meal.  I also took DHA (long-chain omega 3) and drank tea & drank a ton of water (probably almost two gallons a day, I was in the desert after all).

    At the World Open in Phillidelphia I ate more heavily including a lot of cheese (I had a 3-pound block of goat's cheese in my hotel room fridge Cool) and I didn't play as well.  Of course that match was also more strenous (five days instead of three so I obviously had to eat more).  Anyway, I still did pretty well & won a cash prize with 6.5 out of 9 points.

    There was some famous GM who used to offer to buy his opponent a steak dinner under the conditiont that he had to eat it right before the match. Laughing

    World Chamption Anand is vegetarian for whatever that's worth.

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    Narz wrote:


    There was some famous GM who used to offer to buy his opponent a steak dinner under the conditiont that he had to eat it right before the match.


     That was Browne.

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    Yeah, that's right.  I read about that in Chess Life.  They had an article one month about nutrition.

    Also, I should mention regular exercise is very important for chess (any mental activity).  Obviously it won't replace study but it will help you access what you already know better.  Chess is like a fight where you're not allowed to actually fight so there's going to be a lot of aderenaline pumping.  In my final match in Vegas, as the match got tense towards the end, I would get up every one or two moves & do push-ups in the corner to release the tension somewhat (but not too much). Laughing

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    Played a bunch of tournaments while on my high school team. I always carried trail mix on me, and a pay day bar. Fruits and nuts are a good source of energy for the mental rigors of a tournament. Drink plenty of water as well.

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    I just try to eat normal. Coffee and water, and maybe a bagel or some bread in before the tournament. I don't buy all of that don't drink caffeine stuff. For lunch, definitely something light, but still good, like a sandwich. Also, lots of water is good. But not too much because you don't always want to be going to the bathroom!

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    I never eat before a game.

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    dried fruits and nuts! If the hotel I stay at has a gym I hit the treadmill before the first rounds of the day.

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