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Benko gambit tournament

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    it's for both sides. this is how chess.com works...

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    +9 persons from today, great! new players are welcome to start quicker!

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    when is this tournament starting?

    I would like to join , as the Volga/Benko it's one of my favourite defences ,

    but I am blocked from participating untill I have played 5 games and I don't know how long that will takeUndecided

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    it will start when we reach 64 players in the tournament. it can take weeks :(

    so, play quicker your games! 

    it's general chess.com's strategy about 5 games - i can't change this.

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    benko gambit is probably the only opening i rather be black. Too bad that almost no white players likes to play it :( (for a reason)

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    Everyone is welcome to play in a thematic tournament where all games start with moves 1.d4Nf6 2.c4c5 3.d5b5. It will be funny! http://www.chess.com/tournament/benko-gambit16

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    Everyone here is invited to join...

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