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Carlsen v Bu FIDE World Cup 2017 - Why is this black's win?

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    I'm not a master rated player by any stretch of the imagination... but I do not see how black is "winning" this game:

    Can't white win with a capture of the rook by the knight, and then a rook-king endgame verses the bishop-king?

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    If the knight captures the rook, the h pawn is unstopable. If 37.. CxG1 h2 38 ... h1 

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    Ra1 couldn't do anything for carlsen.. just he watch the losing game..
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    I showed this game to a club I go to every Sunday, the unstoppable pawn was pointed out.

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    What a nice move!

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    ciarli wrote:

    ...two faithful apostles of GodMa..! it is a great work but anyway f4 it is hardly believable to be a strong move! the graphic it has a contrast with the pattern of the board position and some other animals that I use to the experiment are sensible to other moves that I didnt doubt before!

    Yeah... I agree...

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    Not only is the h-pawn unstoppable but white can't save his knight either.


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    This game makes me worried to play h3 as white in the opening.
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    i dont know



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