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    Do you like 960Chess (Fisher Ramdon Chess)?


    Would you like to try the fantastic experience? (Be aware that your knowledge about openings is useless here...and your rating will fall to 1200 again...:))

    Then, now you have the opportunity to play on the first tournament here, in using this new feature.

    Be quick and join, only 100 players are allowed! :)


    (click here)

    Chess960 Tournament1st Chess 960 TOURNAMENT


    Hope to see you there!

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    i went to join... and found a bug. we'll fix it asap!

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    Well, I have had to change some parameters... as it was asking for at least 5 games on 960chess (obviously nobody has any yet) but I have fixed it simply setting it up to 0.

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    i tried to join a few seconds ago and it still won't let me because of the 5 games requirement...

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    hm...i tried again and it worked...weird...anyway...good luck everybody

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    I tried to join and got a message that said "you must have completed 5 online chess games". I've completed almost 2400.

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    I joined the instant I saw it. This is going to be awesome!

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    I have changed it again... down to 0... let's see if everybody is allowed to join now. :)

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    Only 25 spots at this moment (75 players registered)


    I will answer a repetitive question:

    -"Your online rating won't be affected! 960chess and standard chess will have different stats as in Live with Blitz, Long and Quick"

    - "Therefore, if you haven't played a single 960Chess game here in your rating will be 1200"

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    I will join if you make it unrated. : )


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    your current online rating is not affected!

    960Chess has a completly different rating account... so you will start with 1200 as everybody else...

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    I want to start one too but I need to think of a good theme for trophies.

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    I know that there is a different rating account, but I would like it to be unrated.


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    I also started a big ol' shuffle tourney! Smile

    If you can't join the first, join mine (or join both like I did!)

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