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Chess Partnership?

  • #21

    Its after May 4th just wanted to see if you guys still wanted to do this thing.

  • #22

    Yeah I'm still in, haven't had any contact with the others lately though.

  • #23

    lets give it another day or 2 to see if any contact comes in if not then Im cool with just working with you.

  • #24

    I am looking for some chess partner too.

    My FIDE ELO: 1512

    Skype: domca..xD

    Contact me.

  • #25

    sure more the marrier

  • #26

    Ok cool, I'll join 2

  • #27

    nice well have a discussion tomorrow to get things ready and get our ideas together on how will be working together.

  • #28

    Hey guys does anyone have the membership status to start a group on chess.com that we all can privately discuss and post at ? If you do and would be willing to create it could you give the link in this forum and well practice and other stuff there.

  • #29

    I have diamond, if you want I could start one. What should I call it?

  • #30

    If you guys are just dedicated to improving Ill join your group. Cant say Id make all skype appointments though

  • #31

    thats fine Phelon well usually be doing and going over training games thru chess.com live and some turned-based games I'll give more info once the group is started and to avoid time confusion we should start talking about good time to log on on diffrent days of the week as soon as possible.

    shepi13: the name shouldnt really matter but intresting enough to where it wont fell like school work going into it so any suggestions ?

  • #32

    Cool, Phelon is here too :)

  • #33

    developing masters sounds cool once you start the group just post the link here and be sure that the group is made private only for us.

  • #34

    Here is the group: http://www.chess.com/groups/home/developing-masters

    I've invited those who said they are still interested, but as it is private I don't think you can join through the link. If you want to join just post here or contact me and I will send you an invite.

  • #35

    ok can you send me an invite.

  • #36

    I'll join. Any help is helpful.

  • #37

    sure thing but we really wanna just keep it around people who have OTB 1400+ or chess.com 1800+ atleast but one other player I was think of having in the group although he falls below the criteria is chirstiansoldier if he's intrested so you can play him in a friendly match and whoever wins might get in if all other members agree to have ya.


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