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Chess960 Tournaments

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    Dear all,

    This tournament was already started, you can find other Chess960 tournaments here:

    Chess960 Tournaments 

    I would like to invite you to this recently created Chess960 tournament:


    Chess960 TournamentChess960: The Chess for Success! #2


    This tournament is meant to introduce all chess.com players to the most exciting Chess Variant defined by one of the Best Chess Players ever:

    Chess960 (a.k.a. Fischer Random Chess or simply FRC)


    If you are an experienced "Orthodox Chess" player and you want to 'take a break' studying theory lines, or you like simply testing your positional creativity and tactical talent, then this is your tournament!

    (Devoted Chess960  players are welcome to participate too! Wink)

    Before we start, I will post information about how to play, specific rules and further details for the assigned random Starting Position*.


    This tournament is brought to you by:



    You can find information about other Chess960 tournaments here:

    Chess960 Tournaments

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    Good luck to all the players!


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