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Completed tournaments lacking "show all" link

  • #1

    How come when I go to my tournaments page, I can't see all of my completed tournaments? For my current tournaments, there is an option towards the bottom to show all, but this is missing for the next group which is the completed tournaments.


  • #2
    I dont know but iv got one underneath it.
  • #3

    What is the url that it points to? I tried this one and it doesn't work for me.



  • #4

    I still can't see all my completed tournaments! Help!

  • #5

    noted :)

  • #6

    At the moment it seems to me that I have a section in my tournament page which shows some of my completed tournaments but there is still no link to show "All My Completed Tournaments".

    I guess I'm just asking for the same feature as Ozzie above.

    Any chance it will happen? Excuse me if I've missed the link.


  • #7

    Don't think it's there yet.

    I've finally gotten my 50 tournaments to below 20 though, so it's less pressing for me.


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