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    sorry about your mom. 

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    I'm very sorry about your mom youngwine. The only way to find tournaments to play in would be to ask one of your friends if they are running any or click through them until you find one. Also, you can play some games to reduce your timeout ratio.
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    Thanks Pawnpusher3, I think that's what's happenning now. The ratio is now 12%.

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    I don't know why my ratio went up to 13 %, I didn't go for another vacation. Where could I read about rules governing vacation.

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    in the handbook

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    I can explain that youngwine. It's yourtimeouts in thelast 90 days. If you played games that were 90 days ago that didn't timeout, they reduced the ratio (more games= less value ratio wise) if those games weren't in the last 90 days, then they are no longer included, and each game picks up value (ratio wise) this increased your timeout ratio. Does that help?

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    Thanks Pawnpusher3, but am still confused. Is the time out ratio =no. of days  vacation/90 days? 90 days meaning the last 90 days. I am wondering why my time out ratio keeps on increasing when I haven't went on vacation since I came back playing. Now it's 17 %.  

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    Only the previous 90 days are used in calculation.  It has nothing to do with vacation days.  It's (total number of timeouts in last 90 days) / (total number of games in the last 90 days).

    Consider that every day, the 90 day period used to calculate your ratio changes by 1 day.

    When the ratio goes up without you finishing any games, that means the number of time outs you've had has stayed the same while the number of games you've played has decreased.  Again only games in that 90 day time frame are counted.

    So you can see that if you play no new games, the ratio will increase until one of the days on which you've timed out has move beyond the previous 90 days at which point the ratio will drop back down.

    And of course once you have no time out in the last 90 days, your ratio will be at 0%

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    Got u Wafflemaster, thanks!!!

    That means there will be a time when those time outs will exhaust and it will be Zero % since I have'nt had any timeout from the time I came back playing.

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    I'm confused. The original post was deleted. What's the issue?

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    benws wrote:

    I'm confused. The original post was deleted. What's the issue?

    none yer business, mr. nosey.


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    Stockfishengine, the original post was a personal issue,I decided to delete it.

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    what was the original post?  Why was it posted?

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    He had a question and he wanted it answered. It had some information he may not have wanted everyone else to see so he deleted it, simple as that

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    Well by comment #9 a viewer can have some idea what is going on here.

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    Yea, thats right, a viewer can figure out what the question was. 

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    whatever thanks to all for all the comment/help extended.


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