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Custom 'private' tournaments

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    I would like to host my own group tournment on chess.com. Meaning I would like to use something that managed the round robin / leader board etc for me.

    Is this possible? Or am I stuck doing it all manually and assigning games to people to join / reporting win / loss on their own?


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    Is this a tournament for chess.com members? If so, the system handles all of the details: assigning players to groups, keeping track of who goes through to the next round, etc.

    All you have to do is specify the 20 or so parameters that define the tournament, such as time controls (see tournament-filter--selection-wizard for a list).

    See friends-only-tournament for further details.

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    Live or "online" (correspondence)?


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    I am thinking of both actually: online and correspondance.

    I checked the link provided by artfizz RE: friends-only-tournaments but I actually can't figure out HOW to cfreate the tournament. When I do to tournamrnts I don't see anything to create, only join.


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    PLAY -> Tournaments -> Create Tournaments.

    This only applies to online tournaments. Users can't create their own Live tournaments.

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    Found it... although hidden.

    Play -> Tournaments -> "View All upcoming TOurnaments" then on right side "create tournament".

    Thanks for the help all.


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