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The Norwegian Super Tournament!

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    JRTK73 wrote:

    Isn't it a little bit scary though that we talk about how badly Carlsen has been playing and he came second in this tournament.

    Yes, counting from Nanjing 2010 Carlsen's performances have been 2901, 2815, 2815, 2853, 2833, 2842, 2849, 2875, 2830, 2848, 2878, 2876, 2994, 2930, 2850, 2834. That's amazingly consistent on a high level in every event three years in a row, and this wasn't bad either.

    Carlsen had won four tournaments in a row, but that sequence just had to end some day, and it did now (with a margin of 0.5 point). But compare his results to those of any other top player the last 40-50 years and see how many that produced 16 results in a row where their performance was higher than the rating of any other player in the world at the time. 


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