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Eliminated from a tourney

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    I suggest opening a ticket at http://support.chess.com/Tickets/Submit

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    Good Morning. I am not sure why you would have been eliminated from other tournaments and I am sorry that you faced that situation. This is the first time that I have hosted a tourney so I am not sure what to tell you. I would recommend that you contact the Chess.com administration for an explanation. Sorry for your frustrating situation.  I can assure you that I would never eliminate a player from a tourney that I am hosting.

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    In my case, I quit chess.com temporarily but had a change of mind afterwards.

    A week later I made the request to be re-instated. In the interim, not only I lost a few hundred points in all my ongoing games, but I was also dropped from the ongoing tourneys that I had qualified for.

    This was all my fault so I have nothing to complain about.

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    You will get the lost points back in no time I'm sure. Hang in there.

    I still think we should get to the root cause of this issue. Did you ever contact support about this?

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    They don't respond...

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    generally speaking they respond well within 2 hours of my writing a ticket. as to why you were droppped from a turnament...how many times have you been dropped from a turnament? also i know you will win back your points if you earned them once than you will again (though it it is real annoying in the mean time)

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    There are some questions I asked but I never received a response, so I gave up.

    I have never been dropped from a tourney, I dropped out on my own because I had some issues that I needed to work with. As for the points, I'm not really concerned about. Sooner or later I will gain them back or take a long time to so. Either way it doesn't matter because I just love to play chess.


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