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First USCF Tournament; what to expect

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    I am attending a USCF and Club Chess tournament this Friday the 22nd.  This is my first tournament that is formal it is a smaller club but one that has been around some many years and I've been told the State Champion plays there with some frequency.  Likely 20+ members will play in it.  What should I expect from this tournament as I have no official rating, will even be allowed to play?  Any thoughts would great, thanks!

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    all the best......may u get a chance to play...

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    Hey Sera.  You need to talk to the organizer.  They may or may not let unrated players.  Usually large tournies do allow unrated players but the winning price is limited to much less of the actual for that rating section.  Anyways, if you manage to play just enjoy the game, that is why you are there for.  Cheers.

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    Can you share some of the details? How many rounds, what is the time control for the games, and so on? As long as your a member of the USCF (and possibly state membership could be required) you should be able to play, they'll just list you as unrated. If it is a small tournament it'll probably be an Open or split between like U1700 and Open, depending on the rating pool that shows up.

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    It was delayed last week due to snow and that is when I found out.  I just saw the new date for next week and plan on calling them tomorow to get the details.  The site is a bit lacking and was able to find no detials other then "USCF and Club Tournament" as title.  I am only playing for fun at this point as I have a complete love of the game.  I know only a few openings well, and even that statement is suspect ;) I've yet to hit the books opening wise but I'm about to commit thier timewise but thought this tourney could be some fun..   Your responses so far are what I was hoping for I see I may need to make some quick manuevers maybe to get some required material in order. I've done a few club tourneys but never one rated so I'd love to get that going.  I'm actually pretty good otb so I think I'd probably settle at a rating of about 1100-1300 USCF after a few tournaments..  I know that's paltry but you have to start somewhere right  

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    If you can play in it go for it, everytime I make plans to play in one something comes up and I have to pass on it recently, I'm becoming tournament starved now and getting restless! :P 

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    So how is prep going for the tourny?  Ready to rumble?

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    haha yea Im not really at the prep level in my chess career but thanks for asking.  It takes alot to get me nervous but I am a bit excited.  The host is a recent two time state champ (2008 and 2011) and peaked at around 2400 USCF so their is likely to be some players there.  After this I think I'll know just what  it is Im preping for ;)..  From playing I know most common openings 3-10 moves in and know my personal favorites pretty well so I think whats best for me is just go in happy to be there and let my tactical instincts take over.  Over the next year or so i'm going to start doing the whole self analysis with chess engine and take on more opening lines..  If you can't tell I'm psyched!



    ·        Round 1 will start at 7:00pm.

    ·        Succeeding games will start 5 minutes after completion of all games in the previous round.


    USCF-RATED Section:

    ·        Format:  4-round Swiss.  G25/D5

    ·        USCF membership is required

    ·        Results will be submitted to USCF for regular and quick chess rating


    Club Section:

    ·        Format:  3-rounds (Swiss or Quads – to be determined on the day of the tournament).  G25/D5

    ·        USCF membership is not required.


    Entry Fees:

    ·        USCF Tournament:   $0.50 per player

    ·        Club Tournament:      None

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    expect the worst but be calm.

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    thanks Shadowknight, that is useful to know.  It will likely be a large hanycap for me as I have never notated in game before.

    Peter Minear is hosting the event.  This is more about having fun/learning for me.  From past experience I think I play very well otb so provided I can manage an equal opening position I think I'll make a good show of it.  

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    konhidras wrote:

    expect the worst but be calm.

    LOL I always do! Laughing

    I have no delusions so that's a plus ;)

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    been to club tournaments am good about the clock and the concept of notation I have..,  as opposed to a year ago my ability to visualise notation is clear.  I can read a pgn and assemble the game in my head where a year ago I'd of been totally lost after like move 5..  I know the USCF rules its the breaking of my train of thought to write down the moves... just had a brilliant idea.  I'm going to play a few games out on a practice board with 30 min. time set here chess.com and notate so it wont be such a foriegn concept... thus wont be a break in train of thought as I will be used to it...  LOL glad we had this talk Wink

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    You should expect playing well. No other worries.

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    Seraphimity wrote:
    konhidras wrote:

    expect the worst but be calm.

    LOL I always do! 

    I have no delusions so that's a plus ;)

    No delusions?

    You must be enlightened then!

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    Sadly I could Not Attend Due to Weather... I am totally bummed out about this.  on the plus side I met through email pminear and learned of some other clubs in my area..

    Thanks to all who responded with info as there is always a next time..  

    Cry Cry Cry

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    Oh man, sorry.  You were so excited.  Sucks.  I can only imagine.  I actually joined USCF this year and I am planing to attent a tourny here in Philadelphia --- if my wife lets me :) --- and I know it is a long way to get rated.  Anyways, hang on in there and show up for the next one.   Get a cup of hot tea, or coffee, and kick some ass on Live, that will make you feel better.  Cheers.

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    I was going to tell you to expect chess.


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