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    just wondering if that became a dead tournament...... that is all

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    Yeah it has, last one was in 2011 or something...I was there.

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    lol great post

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    ; )

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    Awesome thread! Keep it open.

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    There is one in 2017...

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    no there was not

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    last one was in 2014 to be exact

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    I was talking of the online tournament! happy.png

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    Maybe the fox died

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    i love this post lol

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    RIP fox

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    I was there in 2004 - only time I went.  I have been to numerous other tournaments though organized by Goichberg (spelling?) and I can pretty much tell you the exact issue.


    After 2009 I believe it was, that hotel became WAY too expensive.  They wanted more.  Previously, they wanted a ton except for Easter Weekend (apparently low demand that weekend) which is why it was always that weekend of the year.  Many don't view it as the best holiday weekend for a tournament.  Christmas and Easter are two weekends that those that are married will likely not see as being free, and they will be chained to their wives (I was single back in 2004).  Also, many organizations that follow the federal reserve Holiday schedule, like Banks, Post Offices, etc, don't get any days off during that time.  The more minor holidays, like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, etc, are bound to draw more people anyway.


    They tried once to revive in 2014, and it didn't work.  Again, costs were too high for both the players and the organizer and less people available as it was during the school year and not around a holiday.  They did it on an "off weekend", not Easter, that year, and it again bombed.  Again, minor holiday weekends (Memorial, Independence, Labor, etc) are the best because it's one less day people have to take off from work and at the same time, family gatherings are not at that time.


    They still run a tournament that weekend, specifically the Philadelphia Open, which I went to in 2011.  I can tell you the turnout was still lower than tournaments like the Chicago Open (Memorial Day Weekend) or World Open (Independence Day Weekend), both of which are also organized by Bill Goichberg.

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