Have You Won A Chess Tournament?

I haven’t, not yet anyways. But I strive to win! Have you won a chess tournament?
I came third. Dunno if that counts
In elementary school. That was probably my only chance 😂
I’ve only won 2 OTB tournaments in my life. Once in high school when I was a beginner USCF 1000 I won all 5 games, and the one I am more proud of was in 2014 when I spent 6 months studying and I won 4.5 out of 5 when I was rated 1600s in an under 1800 tournament. I got my rating to 1720 before they kicked me back to the 1600s. I just got my first shot of the vaccine and I’m looking forward to going back to OTB soon because online is good for now but my best focus is a real board in a quiet room with no talking allowed.

I played my first and won! You even get a medal so that was really cool even for a <1199 rapid tournament.  

What made it sweeter was my final win was against a trash talking sand bagger rated at 1500 blitz. 



Yes, but there's no pride in that accomplishment . Only three players!


I did, the 1-0 3 check arena


have won dozens---none of them class titles--I don't count those.


Dozens of club events.  My wife repurposed my trophies for the school club that she ran so now my son has more chess trophies in the house than I do.




My first USCF touirnament was the US Open in Omaha in 1959  Was not strong enough to win that. GM Bisguier won that. [RIP]

My 2nd USCF tournament was In Peoria Illinois. The top 3 players were Class A so I was able to win that.


I've won many on chesskid.com and chess.com. I haven't won too many OTB tournaments, and only one OTB tournament that I won was a money tournament.


I got five 3rd place awards, two 2nd place award, and one first place award for tournaments and arenas.


I won 14 on chesskid and about 20 on chess  3 where uscf online and my favorite. Winning the 2019 chess in a cave tournament 

I haven’t won a tournament yet, I would like to win one eventually.

i suck so bad, lol



It was my first tournament and I got the win after nearly 1 year of playing! Was very happy! But the sad side is that I think the maker of the tournament died inbetween or something other bad thing happened to him. He stopped answering in the middle of the tournament and when I had a look on his account he lost all his last games by time and never played a new one since then. My thoughts are with him!


Neither IRL or chess.com, or lichess