How Do I prepare for a Tournament?


What should I get into a routine of  a Month before?

What can I study in the weeks before?

What should I do the night before, and on the Day?


It's best not to try to increase the quantity of study you normally do because this may backfire. Have a long-term improvement plan and adhere to it. Before the tournament try to be in good physical condition (tournaments are exhausting) and make sure you eat properly - in a way that won't make you feel sleepy (a lot of carbohydrates usually do that) or not well otherwise. Drink enough water too. About the "technical" side of chess, if you study well you should have consistent results, if you need special preparation for the tournament (unless you want to prepare for specific opponents) this may be a sign your training plan is not very good, so don't try to learn a lot of information just for the tournament. You'd better learn it over enough time so that you won't forget it the next day and have to do the same for the next tournament.


On the day of bring headache medicine and bring something that will relax you such as a book, video game, or running shoes ( something that relaxs you) don't skip any meals on the day of the tournament also get plenty of sleep.


Get comfortable playing slow games (45 minutes-60 minutes is a good idea. If you want something a little quicker, play 15 or 30 minutes).

Don't play blitz right before a tournament -- it'll get you in the habit of moving too quickly and not thinking long enough.

Do 25-30 minutes of tactics as often as you can (every day if possible).

Go over some basic endgames for your level of play.

Decide which openings you are going to play as White and Black. What are you going to play against 1. e4? 1. d4? 1. c4? Once you decide, study what you can about those openings and practice them as often as you can.

The week before the tournament, get plenty of sleep. You don't want your mind to be foggy while you try to concentrate!

On the day of the tournament, try to relax. Being nervous won't help. Concentrate during your games and do your best.

Good luck! ;)