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how many Advance?

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    Hi, in my own tournament: "1ra Copa America"

    How many players advance out of each group in Round 4?

    how can i check this?


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    Could you provide me with a link please?

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    Thanks. Winners only will advance. It isn`t possible to say how many players will it be for 2 or even all 3 players may "win" their group if they have the same score and tie break. But if there is 1 winner only in both groups those two will play the final group.

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    Just to explain it. The number of players that will advance has to be less than 1/2 of the group size. Your first two rounds were 8->3, the third one was 5->2, the 4th one is 3->1. 


    To make it clear. Let us have a look at the first group.


    ValleyBoy - score 4 

    haonhien - score 2 

    SaintNick - score 0 

    ValleyBoy will advance


    ValleyBoy - score 3 

    haonhien - score 3

    SaintNick - score 0 

    ValleyBoy and haonhien will advance.

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    Very Clear!

    thanks Boletus_CZ!


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