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How to organize a tournament

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    I am thinking of organizing a tournament over the summer. The initial thought is to make it a swiss tournament with one round played every 2 weeks. What I need help with is how could one handle vacation times.

    I did the same last year but the problem mentioned above did not present itself as we made it round robin and people could get together to arrange their time to play any make up game.

    My expectation is that if I open the tournament to a wider group of participants round robin is out of the question. So what to do. Any thoughts?


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    I am considering tournament software but I don't see how this solves my issue. If I organize a swiss tournament I need all results before I can decide on the new matches. What to do then if someone is on vacation?

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    If someone cannot play, for whatever reason, a half-point bye is appropriate.

    I suppose you would want to impose a limit. You could use this as a model for rules appropriate to your situation.  http://www.austinchessclub.com/Byes.html

    The big rule is: No prizes if you take too many byes.

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    It is easy to handle vacations or other special cases, you just add special scores (or byes). The most important thing from my point of view is to have good chess tournament software. I tried many of them, but best so far for me was swips software.


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