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How to Prepare for a Rating Tournament??

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    Ultimate_Fighter wrote:
    Rise_Of_Nations wrote:
    plexinico wrote:

    I never played a rated tournament, and I would've imagined that I would be stronger than 1450 ELO...

    But seeing that you have such a great internet rating and a lower FIDE rating makes me think that I would probably be lower rated than you...

    Don't worry buddy, it is much more difficult to get a rating in India than in other countries, as the number of participants is always very high and the general level of average player is greater. 


    Players from India are no better than anywhere else in the world. 

    you willing to bet me on that? a 1810 Fide playing from italy was smashed by me 2 - 0 ( me being 1312 at the time )

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    You are good at tactics?  No wonder you are nervous.

    Start working on positional play.  In the game, make a plan based on sound positional principles.  You are probably nervous continually looking for some blunder on the opponent, and hoping for a tactical victory.  You have to make your own opportunities. 

    Chess Mentor has many courses on positional play.  Also work on your openings so that you don't get into a bad middle gave.  If you have a plan, if you feel comfortable with openings, that will give you confidence.

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    About 10-15 minutes on your favorite tactics trainer.

    Chess is 99% tactics.

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    PLayed a pretty good tournament. Increased about 52 rating points, however I still had tirdness issues.

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    I Too have problems controlling my nerves and get over excited and wander around the top boards. i just finished a rating tourney (+28.8). I reccomend some chocolate or something to chew at the start of the game. It would give u confidence even in BERSHEK positions and increase your perfomence. Also dont pressureize yourself too much in ur next tmt. Most players increase rating slowly but surely at a slow pace (some 40-100 tourney) Open tourneys are a good way to increase your rating if you rated below 1800.

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