Instant one loss when joining tourney late


Hey everyone...I've noticed over the last couple of days when I join a tournament after it has already begun that I'm given a loss to start with. No biggie, just curious if this is a new change or if I've done something to receive a penalty. If I win first four straight my record will show 4 out of 5 for instance. Thanks.




Arenas you can join at any time. Swiss tournaments don't have an option to join after they have already begun.

But you might mean you joined the tournament then went away and came back to find you had been paired up and not played a move in time.



Thanks, and nope...didn't leave and miss a match. IT seems now that if you join even seconds after the tourney starts, the record shows one loss. Seems new.


If there is an odd number of players or a bunch dropout after the first game, they'll let people join Swiss tourneys after they start. The reason for it showing a loss is just because you basically forfeit the game(s) you would've played if not joining late. Like you join after missing round 1, you start 0/1 or miss rounds 1 & 2, you'll start out at 0/2. That's just because of how they base the point system for Swiss style tournaments. Doesn't really mean anything or effect anything though. I've won gold on a few where I started out 0/2.