I know this topic has been discussed before, but I would like to bring it up anyway...

I'm playing two different people whose game are hopelessly lost (In one game, I have 2 queens and 3 pawns against a solitary king. The other game I have 2 rooks and several pawns against 1 rook. One of my pawns is ready to be crowned), yet they continue to play as if somehow they could draw or even win! On top of that they take their sweet time to respond),

Both speak English and have not responded to my "gentle reminder" to resign since it would be the gentleman thing to do.

Of course I can ignore them and play the game out until the very end, but what a waste of their time and mine!

Shouldn't there be a rule where one can present a game to a TD or to and force the game to end once is proved to be completely lost?


No.  It's their right to play out the game, however annoying it is to you, as a mistake could give them stalemate.  I feel your pain, but it can't be done.


I think I knew the answer all along, but I needed to vent... LaughingYell

Thank you...


No, I don't need to read the rules again. I understand completely.

Thanks for the response.


I feel your pain. What I find irritating is when the previously "fast" player slows down to a crawl once their position is lost! You just need to shrug your shoulders and start another game!


I'm playing quite a few games so it it not a BIG deal anymore. In my case, when I lose a piece (it happens once in a while!), and if I see that my opponent is a fairly decent player, I simply resign.


I don't resign after blundering a piece, but instead I look for moves which confuse the position, going all out, as I'm lost otherwise.  If it doesn't work, I can resign later, but I've won a few games against good opposition in this manner.


You'd be suprised how often a player with a crushing advantage of two queens verses a couple of pawns manages to blow it with a stalemate.  There is also the possiblity that the winning player will time out or close their account.  Some people think it is worth the time to play out these games, I do not.