Long tournament games


I'm going to a tournament this weekend with a 2/40 SD 1 (2 hours for 40 moves, then another hour) time control. The longest time controls I've played at is G/45, and most games I play are G 25/5 (25 min. w/5 sec. delay) or G/30. As this is going to be quite a different experience, I'm wondering if anyone has some tips for long games.

Obviously, I'm going to take advantage and spend much more time thinking. My biggest concern is what to focus on in preperation. I'm thinking more openings and less tactics, since I can take tons of time in the middlegame. Thank you very much!

(You can see more info at http://www.chess.com/forum/view/tournaments/us-team-easts)


No suggestions?


Relax and remember to bring water to a game. Some advice I had to learn the hard way is: In long games resign a lost position (this is dependant on the strength of the players, but you have to know what I mean). Playing a peice down in the middle game with 0 compensation for a hour or so, is demoralizing and bad psycology.


Get alot of rest!

Just play your game, and ue the additional time on where its needed.

Avoid junk food, fast food, coffee

Every 10 moves qrite down how much time you have used, and also write down how much time you used on any moves that you thought on for along time.  This will help you learn where you are taking alot of time.


Just do a little opening prep, don't cram your brain up with lots of opening moves a couple days before your game, tactic practicing shouldav been done weeks before so it's too late to do that. Go to bed earlier and Eat a nice breakfast and bring water. Don't overthink what your opponent can do (it's fine if u do just don't worry too much) Be confident in your moves, develope a plan and try not to think about anything other then this game. This is all I can think of. Good luck