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mathematical advances, to help speed up things.

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    Hi seeing that most of us have played tournaments here, and it follows that with tournaments that u have to wait for all the games to be finished for it to move on to the next round. So if there is this paying guy who has 3 months vacation the whole (lets say 1000+) people will have to wait on him. Even though if he wins his game he still wont adavnce. This would be very irritating right.

    So it would be much appreciated, especially for official tournaments at first for now, that people who are ahead in their groups and would DEFINITLY mathematically adavnce, REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME OF OTHER GAMES, should be given the nod. 

    Because u see my point, that sometimes these pointless games holds up an entire tournament, and prevents the next rounds from starting. 

    Surely this wont hurt anyone right?

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    that is so cool......

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    So why not just play in "no vacation" tournaments?

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    What you describe has happened in about any tournament I have played so far...extremely irritating indeed. Unbelieble why chess.com has never solved this problem, especially since it is sooo simple to solve it. To start with, one could say before the tournament starts that after a given period of time all the unfinished games shall be evaluated by computer analysis, and the computer decides who wins. The players can go on with the game normally, but the result of that will not influence the tournament. Other chess sites already do this and it helps a lot!

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    agreed, most games which seems to take the longest don't seem to matter much on the outcome. I believe live chess tournaments already has this method but not the correspondence tournaments?

    It could save people months of their time. Possibly whole year!! :p

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    Great idea!


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