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Millionaire Chess to be renamed to $91,000 Chess...

  • #1

    ...in honor of the 91 idiots who actually sent the organizers a $1000 check to play in this thing.

    Why am I bashing this tournament so hard? Because this is exactly what we DON'T need in our chess culture. A cynical, shallow event that targets a small handful of cash-heavy GMs looking to fleece any suckers dumb enough to think this thing is even remotely cool. 

    "Go big or go home?" How about just...Go Home. US Chess isn't that popular, we know that...but for those of us who have been trundling through the Open cycles for decades now, we have found our place, and are happy here. We don't need some bored, publicity-hungry millionaire to come in from nowhere and pretend to care about our game.  

    You want to do something noble for chess, with your coffee cans full of cash? How about sponsoring programs in the schools? Or putting together a cable show? Or actively trying to help the beleagured USCF find stronger footing and provide better services? 

    This Las Vegas fantasy is crass and exactly the kind of thing that unimaginative, money-obsessed people think the world needs more of. Wrong. Go home. 

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    >Do I detect upset here ?<

    Passionate, tinged with the usual humor at watching chess professionals think they can enter the mainstream without looking like fools :)

  • #3

    Cowardlybishop, yeah look at the fools in all the other games and sports which "entered the mainstream"! Chess just can never have that appeal despite the hundreds of millions who play the game worldwide, and the high prestige the game enjoys in the minds of most people.

  • #4

    bravemurphy, this has nothing to do with appeal. I'm sorry if it's confusing for you.

  • #5

    I agree wih the name Cowardbishop. A wise man can play the role of a fool, but a fool can never play the role of a wise man. The more I read, the more I learned this man is a heartless coward and need to go see the wizard of Oz. To speak so negative about any tourament is a sign of  heartless coward, no man worth his salt woud go so low.

  • #6

    Its dumb, a super gm can just come and win free money lolz

  • #7

    vizio...also confused. My, what a passle of lost little souls we have...

  • #8

    Cowardlybishop yeah, super GM's looking like fools to the hundreds of millions who like chess around the world has nothing to do with the appeal of chess.

  • #9

    Your words betray your mind. I feel sorry you are so empty inside. May you find what you need.

  • #10

    maskedbishop, looks like you have an agenda against MC. But I am only willing to defeat you logic by logic. So lets start one point at a time.

    Can you point out, in terms of numbers excluding excalamations or emotions, the problems of MC tournament? If you have a big list, lets just start with the first one. And we will choose to debate or skip to the next one if we dont agree with each other on the logic.

    Please note that, just like you(!?) - I am a passionate chess player and only want good for Chess.


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