My First Real Life Tournament Results

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    I am going to a tournament in orlando on March 30th

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    Ccm12 you are pr right?

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    In my first rated tournament I got ½/9.

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    ViktorHNielsen wrote:

    In my first rated tournament I got ½/9.

    Is this for real?

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    niiiice... :P

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    daMessiCHEESE-5 wrote:

    niiiice... :P

    Yeah! Laughing

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    AWESOME! CONGRATS! grin.png

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    AWESOME! CONGRATS! grin.png

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    Atomic_Rift wrote:

    I just finished my first real life tournament and I made... duh, duh, dun!! 1st! No joke! It was in the forth round (last round) it was a super close game! I was 3-0-0 and my opponent was 2-0-1 (the 1 being a draw). But then I saw it... a knight sack to get my pawn into promotion and the only way to stop it was to sack his rook 4 moves later! I sacked my knight and he took, then I had an easy endgame that resulted in victory. I was awarded a heavy, shiny trophy that I'm wearing around my neck right now. But getting the nice shiny trophy wasn't my favorite part of it. My favorite part was getting to shake the hand of a former grandmaster and hearing the word "Congratulations" from him. :))))

    Oh, I almost forgot! They (the staff) took my picture with the other winners (in different categories) and the picture is gonna be in my city's newspaper! I also became friends with the person in the 8th and older category, also I'm supposed to be meeting him on this website soon! :) He said he was a 1560.

    (And I think he would be happy if I don't say that I beat him in an unrated game afterwards!)

    That's it! My first tournament! And I made first place! :D

    And congrats to Ryan Fortsky. ;)

    My new friend who also made first place. :)


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