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    thanks for making suggestions!! 

    1. so, i think all tournaments are multi-round as long as there are more players than there are max players per group... i guess we could icon that...

    2. i think we have this... look here: - it shows 33 remanining games.

    3. you should be able to see this, as the tournament homepage shows you the pairings and how many games are in progress.

    maybe i am missing something? 


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    Proceed to the following round when all games can have no effect on the pairings/groups in the next round.

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    i see. i'll think about it. i'm not sure we have column space for it :( how would you fit it in?
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    our usability people = me :)


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    FWIW, I am also in favor of this. I think Ozzie's idea will work, unless there are some technical difficulties that I am unaware of.
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    which is more important?
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    ok. thank you! we'll work on this stuff.
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    Erik, is this something you guys are still looking into? I agree with ozzie that the "My Current Tournaments" overview could be improved by adding info on the number of games remaining.

    If your concern is column space, I would argue that "rating range" is probably something most people could do without for tournaments already in progress (as tournaments tend to take months to complete and the range may no longer be relevant after a while, anyway).

    Any thoughts?

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