Need help getting ready for tournament.... rated 1278 USCF

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    I've been to many tournaments before, I'm very well known by coaches that run the tournament, but I want to become better at chess, higher my rating. I'm an opening freak, I know a bunch of openings, but I need more help for middle-game and endgame tactics.. THANK YOU!

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    You have played five hundred blitz games and five hundred bullet games but only a few standard slow chess games. Why not see if you can figure out a few more middlegames and endgames if you have more time?  

    There is a reason the best players in the world play their best games at slow time controls.

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    The best way to improve your endgame is to study the engame. There are plenty of good books and puzzles on endgames, and studying endgames will definitely help you grow as a chess player. There are plenty of books on middle game strategy too. Another thing you could do is to take a look at some grandmaster games. There are multiple channels on youtube that analyze some great grandmaster games that you could learn a lot from. As notmtwain mentioned, increasing the time control you play at will definitely help you learn too. Bullet can be fun but it isn't helpful for learning.

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    The Amateurs Mind by Jeremy Silman

    The Complete Endgame Course by Jeremy Silman

    303 tricky chess tactics by Fred Reinfeld and some other guy


    Read these books, go over the tactics book 5-10 times. You will be good player, guaranteed.

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